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‘Marcel is mad about coffee’

We serve two different types of coffee, espresso and slow coffee (filter coffee, made at the table). From single origin coffee beans: always from one source region, from one coffee plantation. We follow the seasons; we serve different coffees in the summer and winter. Patrick Groenewold from Single Estate Coffee looks for the most delicious, fair trade coffee of that specific moment in time, he knows the coffee farmers in person. He is the best guarantee for super quality coffee.

We buy our tea from the tea sommelier Kiona Malinka from Crusio. She also travels to the tea plantations herself and brings some fantastic tea back to the Netherlands. IDRW serves six types of tea, different flavours for every season. The tea is carefully weighed out to the gram for every cup of tea, plus the water is served at exactly the right temperature. We take our time to prepare the perfect cup of tea for you.